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Leaders in the corporate world should take their position seriously, and make their team feel great about their productivity. When employees feel good about their performance, it boosts morale and creates a highly successful atmosphere. In return, when the employees are successful, the leader is successful. Proper management always reflects the success of its employees. And A lot of their success stems from celebrating wins, even the small ones. Here are three reasons why leadership should celebrate career wins with their team.

Boosts Morale

Everyone likes a pat on the back or a ‘job well done’, especially when it comes to their career. When leadership takes time out of their day to humble themselves by shouting out to one of their employees for their hard work, it boosts morale. Boosting morale leads to an increase in productivity, employee retention, and a decrease in absenteeism. Thus, creating an atmosphere of success. A culture that rewards and recognizes team members for doing their job well is a company that will have people banging down the doors to work there. Who doesn’t want to work for a company that is known for valuing their employees?


When working on a problematic project that creates long nights and early mornings, employees can start to burn out and become exhausting and unmotivated. Now and again, it’s a good change of pace to have leadership celebrate a win, no matter how small. Even little celebrations help motivate their team to go above and beyond and think outside of the box. Doing this helps employees feel that their hard work is appreciated, which motivates them to work harder and put in more time to make each project exceptional. And a leader can only be as successful as his/her team.

Increases Customer Retention

If an employee loves their job, it shows. Their attitude, demeanor, and over-all employee to client relationship reflect how they feel about their company. When leadership celebrates career wins with its employees, it keeps them pumped and excited to help their customers. If someone is writing a review about a product that they truly love, they will shout to the rooftops for everyone to go out and buy the same product. It’s the same concept when employees love where they work. They want everyone to become apart of the company, especially clients. Which, in turn, building word-of-mouth marketing and increases customer retention.

Having leadership celebrate career wins with their team changes the company culture into a positive, want-to-be their place to work. And who doesn’t want that?