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We are all living in a parallel universe in which the perception of intelligence trumps intelligence itself. While this might sound like bad news for those that specialize in higher education and remaining ahead of the learning curve, participating in the deception of appearance can actually get others to finally take notice to what they have been missing. On the flip side, those who are lacking in brainpower can successfully sell their illusion of intellect by following these solid tricks to gain some extra IQ points.

Dress For Success

If the smartest person in the room shows up in sweatpants and a wrinkled tee, he will most likely get passed up for the guy in the spiffy suit. Dress in a way that commands the room at all times. Certain occasions call for more casual attire, but when hoping to be taken seriously, avoid stained, ripped, or wrinkled clothing, only wear jeans that can be offset by a collared shirt or sweater, and be careful not to reveal too much skin. And for a few extra points, toss on a pair of full-framed eyeglasses.

Use Proper Language

Not everyone has a wide vocabulary, but that secret can remain concealed as long as they choose the words that they do know wisely. This means doing away with slang and avoiding unnecessary fillers. And while the freedom to use profanity is one of the best things about adulthood, if a person curses a lot, they will inevitably offend others and ruin their chances of looking smarter.

Control All Body Movements

Nervous ticks are a huge no-no when trying to impress the crowd. Be cautious of any fidgeting, nail biting, hair fondling, or unnecessary shifting. All of these things scream self doubt. Practice keeping it cool, narrowing gestures down to the occasional head nod and a personable grin. And of course, eye contact is the most important part. Looking directly into a person’s eyes is not only a mannerable way to show good people skills, but it also displays confidence, engagement, and comprehension.

The funny thing is, most people aren’t as smart as they seem, including those in supervisory roles and the charming souls that always manage to convince the masses to eat from the palms of their hands. But as questionable as it may be, this fact of life gives everyone the advantage of excelling without having to go through the mills.