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If you are among the 10.1 million people unemployed in the United States, your local unemployment office isn’t the only recourse for getting some cash into your pocket or other help. A variety of groups compromise a combination of government, private and foundation resources to meet the needs of people who don’t have a steady paycheck.

Just a few resources worth checking into are:


Essential Needs

A program of your locally curated United Way, Essential Needs has resources in your local community. They may be able to help you with healthcare costs related to COVID, food programs and benefits, housing costs, help with utilities, substance abuse treatment and more. Try calling “211” in your community.


Benefit Finder

This is a government searchable site located at It’s a quick way to find government assistance by category. A questionnaire helps you get to the specific things you need.



This service will explain your rights and benefits if you get laid off or fired from your job. Includes rules on severance pay, veterans’ rights and unemployment insurance information.



A program of the U.S. Department of Labor, COBRA explains your rights and options in the event you lose your job and have your employer’s health insurance policy dropped at the same time.



Learn the powerful job-finding strategy of networking. This resource includes information on how to get started and how to leverage this activity into a new job or for finding cash-paying freelance gigs. The information here will keep you motivated while you seek new sources of income.


American Job Center Finder

This is a vast database of jobs that are searchable by state, city and your zip code.


Find a Federal Government Job

Uncle Sam has a lot of good jobs and is always hiring in all 50 states.


Benefits for Seniors

Offered by the National Council on Aging, this is a list of resources for senior citizens to help them with unemployment benefits. It also provides resources for dental care, vision, hearing, food stamps, savings programs and health care coverage resources.


How to Deal with Anxiety

Along with COVID and the job-loss crisis came an extraordinary amount of anxiety for millions of Americans. It’s a mistake to try dealing with it alone. This service provides a toll-free call number anyone can call for free counseling that is available 24/7.