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Cultivating a following in social media has clear benefits: a greater number of potential leads, opportunities to obtain brand deals and sponsorships, and credibility. Reaching this objective requires a front and center strategy, however. Everyone with an Instagram or Facebook feed experiences a lot of visual noise. How can a newcomer make contact distinct while gaining traction?

Beat the Algorithm

The biggest challenge one faces when seeking to slice through the noise and have an impact is the algorithm. To defeat it, one must first understand it. This algorithm is generated for the purpose of showing users what they are expected to enjoy the most. Posts only appear at the top of a person’s feed if that person has frequently engaged with or viewed the profile of the poster previously.

A year ago, Instagram tweeted that factors such as the number of people followed, a post’s timeliness, the amount the app is used all contribute to the order of the feed. This means that a poster who wishes top posts must encourage engagement at those times when eyeballs fall on the posts. This tells Instagram that the content is relevant to the audience. Try ending captions with things that followers can reply to.

High-Quality Visuals

Social media is a very visual type of communication, so investing in images that are high in quality is very important. Find professional photographers nearby and work with them. Once a following has grown enough, some photographers might even be eager to do trades. If hiring an expert with a camera is a little out of budget, seek out stock images that are high quality instead. While choosing shots or images. place a focus on a few featured colors to serve as brand colors; this creates a cohesive feeling throughout the profile.

Feed Followers’ Wants

Experienced business owners know that tweaks should be made to strategy according to the results received. When certain post types perform more strongly than others, pay attention and produce more of those types. The audience will need to be learned on a trial basis, as people’s tastes vary from group to group. Some favor photographs of the poster, others prefer quotations. Find something that works and give it everything.