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Michael Harper


Professionalism in North Palm Beach



Based in North Palm Beach, Florida, Michael Harper is a Medical Laboratory Specialist and an accomplished business professional. With over 15 years in sales management, sales training, entrepreneurship, and business development, Michael has garnered an impressive resume chock full of experience and expertise. 

After a distinguished career in business consulting, Michael has shifted his professional focus towards the clinical laboratory and diagnostic testing industry. In his current role, he performs a plethora of specialized blood, toxicology, and genetic tests. His lab also conducts specialized pharmacogenomic research. By analyzing genetic information and blood results, Michael’s laboratory also studies the way in which an individual’s DNA affects their response to medications. 

The pivot in Michael’s career has allowed him to expertly carry over his business acumen to a field based heavily on client satisfaction. With the same enthusiasm and passion he employed as a business consultant, Michael finds fulfillment ensuring that each and every client is awarded top-notch care. As Michael Harper often quips, the healthcare industry is a “people” service—it is only as good as the service you provide and the work you deliver. In this case, he delivers exquisite service and accurate results to providers, patients, and physicians alike. 

Excited by the opportunity to work in a field that is constantly evolving, Michael Harper enjoys the challenge of finding faster and more efficient ways to provide patients with accurate testing results. For years now, the healthcare industry has been experiencing a true revolution, and laboratory testing is no exception. The field has gotten more efficient and effective than ever before, and medical breakthroughs promise to advance it even further—a prospect that Michael finds incredibly exciting. 

Such growth is not a new concept to Michael. After all, for more than a decade, he used his business expertise to help expand fledgling companies into thriving, profitable businesses. At first, Michael focused on providing guidance surrounding loan origination, as well as how to navigate the financial aspect of building a start-up or finding development funds. 

As the years went by, Michael was able to expand his small business into a full consulting and advertising company. He had a passion for helping people succeed, and willingness to accept growth and change allowed him to provide it. This passion for people connects Michael’s past to his present as a Medical Laboratory Specialist. It can also be found in his personal endeavors. 

As a North Palm Beach native, Michael Harper is an active and dedicated community leader. He firmly believes that giving back to the community that helped build him is his duty. Using his faith as a guide, Michael supports many causes but is most connected to St. Jude’s Research Hospital and the Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens. When he is not working tirelessly, Michael Harper enjoys exploring his great state of Florida and all the beautiful experiences it has to offer.



Rutgers University | New Brunswick, New Jersey

Michael Harper attended Rutger’s University where he earned his degree in finance. 

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