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The competition for just landing a good job can be fierce, but nowhere near as much as trying to advance once the job has been acquired. In many cases, the decision to promote will not be based on things like seniority or education. Today’s employers are looking to advance the people who put the best face on their brand.

How can this be done? We have a few ideas that can help you start getting noticed more at those crucial moments when managers are trying to decide who to promote:

Be Proactive

Most people will only ever do the minimum required. This leaves deserving employees in the unique position of being able to make good, noticeable impressions. Pick up tasks that the others neglect, Be concerned with things like quality, accuracy, and efficiency. All of these things get noticed quickly and are often rewarded in various ways, including promotions.

Learn Everything Possible From Already Effective Employees and Managers

Another very easy way to get ahead quickly is to simply pay attention to employees who are already operating at peak. Special attention should be paid to those with positions equal or similar to the one or ones the company is currently trying to fill. These people have already been promoted so it is easy to identify the skills, actions, and attitudes that got them there.

Emulate Success Traits

Start cataloging all of the best traits of the people already in advanced positions and try to find the right balance. Start implementing success behaviors and it will very likely get at least some of the right people’s attentions.

Always Have an Up-To-Date Résumé or CV

Whenever you acquire new skills or achievements, your Résumé or CV should be updated to reflect all relevant skills and abilities. This will make it easier to be among the first to submit applications and capture the attention of any hiring entity that might be reading it.

Be Gracious When Others Advance

As a final note, remember: employers have many reasons and criteria for advancing and not advancing employees. Always be supportive of co-workers who move-up. Don’t argue or complain. Step back and assess what might have swayed the decision against you. If there is no apparent answer, it is both acceptable and wise to simply ask. Doing so could make a difference the next time a comparable position opens up.