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Not every project management platform will work for everyone. Productivity apps and to-do lists abound, but each has its quirks and will not necessarily sync up well to an individual’s needs or style of workflow. Software found in a new category makes possible the creation of custom productivity dashboards without the need for coding. These tools include Notion, Coda, and Airtable. Take advantage of this new tool to get organized.

Establish the Problems

Any frustrations found with previous workflow tools are indications of the things necessary in a custom dashboard. Jot these down. Then it is possible to evaluate different productivity platforms that are DIY based on the degree of ease with which they make possible the solutions to the problems. This can be as simple as desiring a larger edit window or as complex as wanting a means with which to easily work with numerous columns.

Begin in Moderation

To discover whether a productivity platform will suit any particular set of needs, that platform needs to be first given a trial run. Elaborate plans may float before the mind’s eye that automate various tasks, but to try a platform out, start small and easy. A task list that can be customized to reflect the various ways to view and categorize tasks is a great start. If the platform is suitable for the basic start, it is time to kick things up a notch and get more complex.

Keep Things Distinct

Different productivity dashboards can be utilized for different projects. One aspect of work might be best suited with a digital notebook and basic task list. Another might require some automation built into a set of spreadsheets that are more elaborate. One dashboard might even be implemented for a personal aspect of life such as a family vacation; it can be the center point of restaurant reviews, activity schedules, and travel bookings.

Seek Integrations

DIY productivity platforms have a true superpower in their ability to automate various aspects of work. This, however, depends on the ease with which the chosen platform can be integrated with other tools utilized. Gmail, for example, can be used with Coda. Some other tools are not as easy to marry for the streamlining of tasks.