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Michael Harper North Palm Beach Videos

Thanks for watching! I’m Michael Harper, and I’m glad to be sharing some crucial information about my business with you. Our facilities, we can test blood samples on our cutting-edge machines and deliver precise, accurate results for our clients. We have the capacity to run full blood count tests, renal profiles, liver function tests, cholesterol tests, disease screenings, and countless more tests to determine health and safety. We also serve all practices, ranging from primary care physicians, cardiologists, oncologists, and other more specialized practices. Today in the information age, we have lots more indicators at our disposal to make the best possible call on what treatments or medications at what dosages.

Thank you for watching! I’m Michael Harper and I’m here today to talk about the toxicological testing that my company in North Palm Beach, Florida, can offer to you and your patients. We can test blood and urine for the presence of toxins and drugs including painkillers, controlled substances, and schedule 1 drugs that are illegal to buy, sell, or use. In under 48 hours, we can screen for a myriad of foreign chemicals in the body and turn around results that are guaranteed to be accurate within a fraction of a percentage.

Hello, and thank you for watching my video! This clip features me, Michael Harper, discussing the importance of pharmacogenomic testing in the modern era. Pharmacogenomics, as well as its sibling field pharmacogenetics, is a very young field as the biomedical sciences go. We’ve understood for some time the relationship between genes and a person’s traits, susceptibility to diseases, and characteristics. We also have thousands of years of study on drugs, medicines, and poisons, and how even the smallest error in dosage can turn the same chemical from a cure to a death sentence.